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About us

We are a couple of young entrepreneurs from the Pacific northwest. When we came across Macramé, it just kind of clicked. We realized that art lovers and people that care about the vibrations of their homes (people like you and me), can significantly benefit from Macramé. People around the world, specifically in western countries, are warming up to the beauty of other cultures from the east. Our mission is to help expand that process by bringing you a wide assortment of macramé to choose from. If there is anyway you would like us to improve, whether it's our selection of products, website design, or customer service. Feel free to criticize. We will eat it up and deliver optimal service in return to erase any pain we may have caused. Thank you and JOIN THE MOVEMENT!

30 días de garantía

Nuestra prioridad número uno es la satisfacción de nuestros clientes.

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Devoluciones fáciles

Sin problemas regresa, como debe ser

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Envío rápido y sencillo con seguimiento en tiempo real

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